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Grow'EmSchefflera from Seed
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Grow'Em 2000 is the definitive freeware program dealing with the propagation of plants from seeds, cuttings and layerings. Composting techniques and fertilizers, growth media and lighting are presented in exhaustive detail, as are foliar feeding, planting bare-root specimens, floating row covers, grafting techniques, etc. The expanded text covers 1000-plus species, divided into separate sections including Herbs, Fruits & Vegetables, Trees & Shrubs, Water Plants, Cacti & Succulents, and Grains & Grasses.

Grow'Em may still be downloaded from the web.
Unfortunately, no new versions will follow.

All good things come to an end, and Grow'Em is no exception. I stopped new work on Grow'Em in 2000. It was a hobby - however passionately I've pursued it, and however well received it's been, it was always a hobby. A niche shareware product can never hope to pay the bills. I hope it's enriched the gardening experiences of those who've used and continued to use it. To those who have registered the program, especially - a heart-felt Thank You. You've made it worth my while. To all those who've expressed their appreciation, their compliments, the glowing reviews, and even the critical comments - I thank you as well.

The decision to stop with Grow'Em did not come lightly. It is not purely a financial decision - but there is no money in the shareware market, at least for a product like Grow'Em. A few dozen registrations per year do not cover the cost of research and development, let alone the hundreds of hours invested.

Further, I cannot monitor the program as it appears on hundreds or perhaps thousands of sites across the world - and some versions have been tampered with. Virus reports have come and gone - fortunately, thus far, all I am aware of have been false alarms (reported with PC-Cillin). Unfortunately, there have been a few problems with third-party install/uninstall routines - be very careful uninstalling from directories shared with other programs, as the whole directory may be deleted (you will be warned, and asked for confirmation, before this occurs).

Finally, I could not continue to support Grow'Em. For every registered user, twenty others - all good, well-intentioned souls, or so I believe - would write me with gardening questions, questions about the program, about computer usage in general. Unfortunately, I do not have the time or resources to answer them. While I welcome your thoughts - I'm sorry - I cannot answer your questions.

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