Images from Grow'Em:  Heather, Raised Bed, Crocus, Rose

High Praise for Grow'Em

ZDNet logoFrom ZDNet, the on-line presence of the Ziff-Davis Inc. publishing giant, a coveted 4-star rating:

"Grow'Em for Win95 is a comprehensive resource for propagating and maintaining plants ... a well-organized and easy-to-use interface ... a sampling of exquisite photographs ... Grow'Em for Win95 is an essential garden resource."

From the March 9, 1998 issue of the electronic publication NewMedia Canada (volume 13, issue 10, ©1997 Pelican Island Information):

"... a world-class gardening reference that benefits further from its electronic format ... this work is particularly timely ... well worth the price ... Very nice and informative True Color images are available in profusion ... A very useful and practical reference for any gardener."

Praise for DOS Version 4.0

ZDNet logoZDNet awarded Grow'Em for DOS, version 4.0, their 3-star rating:

Praise for DOS Version 3.0

RocketDownload.COM 4-Smiley Rating

(from a review by Peter Calamai, The Ottawa Citizen, Saturday, March 9, 1996, p. 11)

"You know you should propagate plants from cuttings (cheaper and more fun), but you're intimidated by the process and can't understand all the arcane botany in most texts. Here's the answer, a well-executed software compendium that covers everything from soil additives to side veneer grafting. Especially useful is the program's ability to hyperlink to a drawing of the recommended technique; a Planting TimeLine helps gardeners avoid being too early or too late."

(from Alan Neibauer's Home Improvement: Total Planning on Your Computer, Ziff-Davis Press, 1995)

"Grow'Em, for example, is an illustrated garden reference that uses a Windows-like interface in DOS, complete with high-quality photographs. The main Grow'Em menu offers information on these areas:

Work your way through the menu system to find the information that you need. Selecting Propagation Techniques, for example, will lead to infromation on starting pants form seeds and cuttings, layering, and grafting.

For each species in its database, the program explains how and when to plant; the best lighting, soil, and temperature conditions; and the recommended planting zone. Illustrations are used to explain topics such as air layering and cuttings."

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Thumbnail Image: Schefflera from Seed

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